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Our partnership

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DLA has worked with ITN Edu for a number of successive projects, delivering bespoke, levelled video and learning materials packages for the world's most respected education publishers. Together, DLA and ITN Edu are a market-leading partnership that brings the best of authentic video and originated content into educational institutions globally.


Client testimonials

This is fantastic! Great shot selection, great characters, good vocabulary, really nice packages.
— Publisher, Secondary ELT
Please let us say it again: the video looks absolutely amazing. The images, the music, the speaker’s voice - excellent!
— Publisher, Secondary ELT
This is just the report I hoped for, you have more than met the brief we set.
— Director, HEI
It’s put together really well, you got a whole story in 2:19. Amazing!
— Editor, ELT for Adults
I really like the treatment you’ve given this - it really enhances the footage.
— Commissioning Editor, Global Publisher
It’s all very exciting! ...many thanks once again for your valuable contribution.
— University Provost, Yr Egin